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Saturday, 28 Feb 2015

Investment Management

To be a successful investor, it is important to consistently apply an investment discipline. Many investors make the mistake of chasing the latest top performing funds or investing after the markets have moved sharply higher, only to then panic and sell after absorbing the losses of a market decline. Professional investors make these mistakes too, but by sticking to a well-defined discipline, mistakes can be minimized.

At FAM, our portfolio models are based on decisions from a disciplined investment process. Success requires that you have a strategy based on analysis, not the swings in market psychology. We believe the best philosophy to investment management is achieved by building and managing your portfolio with a long-term and diversified approach that is based upon your financial planning objectives. Through the financial planning process, we will have uncovered your tolerance for risk, which along with your overall goals and time horizons, we will use as a basis to develop an investment portfolio that works best for you.

After an initial strategy is developed for you, we continually monitor the portfolio and rebalance when necessary based upon your objectives, current economic conditions, tax law changes and the overall performance.

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