Financial Planning

Everyone can benefit from professional and objective advice

We will work with you to review and analyze the areas that affect your financial life. This includes looking at the following aspects of your finances:

  • Cash Flow: We can help you structure your income to cover your monthly expenses, set up an emergency fund and work out a plan to service your debt. Optimizing your cash flow will enable you to fund your long-term financial goals;
  • Tax Planning: We're always mindful of each financial decision's tax impact. We will work proactively and carefully with your accountant to ensure any decisions made are done so in a tax efficient manner;
  • Education Planning: We can help you provide your kids with a financial advantage by offering our expertise and assistance to work on a savings plan to fund their education;
  • Retirement Planning: Working together, we will structure a customized retirement solution that will work for you, and evaluate and reassess our progress to make sure we're on track to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle;
  • Estate Planning: Working directly with your estate attorney, we’ll assist in drawing up the necessary documentation and help you choose fiduciaries to carry out tasks in your absence. Lastly, we will be there to support your loved ones through the resolution of your estate;
  • Investment Analysis: We continually monitor your investments, and when necessary, we rebalance it based upon your objectives, current economic conditions, tax law changes, and the overall performance;
  • Insurance Review: We will assist in designing a cost-effective risk management program to protect you against the unforeseeable risks which may threaten your overall financial well-being.