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With US economic growth increasing and the S&P 500 at an all-time high what’s in store for investors in 2018? Last year, Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in Chappaqua and NYC, Scott Kahan told us there was reason for optimism and reason to curb your enthusiasm. Here’s what he told us this year.

What inning are we in on this long economic expansion?  

Last year I said we were in the middle innings of an economic recovery. Since then the economy has picked up it’s pace. But I see it as a more of a continuation of recent economic history than a whole new ballgame.

Some of the deregulation measures enacted over the past year and the recent tax cuts has given the market, and probably to some extent the economy, a sugar high to some degree. How much is due to these factors we don’t really know.

Most investment professionals view the stock market as a leading indicator of the economy and right now the market is saying that the economy will continue to grow. Not just in the US but around the world. I’m in that camp.

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