Our collaborative process gives you the chance to be included at every stage, so your goals, concerns, and wishes are met and addressed. As we continue to work together and learn more about you, we will create and adapt a detailed, action-focused plan that outlines the exact steps to take to pursue your goals.


Step 1: Introductory Meeting

Our free introductory meeting helps us understand what you’re looking for in a financial planner, so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other. We will discuss your needs and goals and share our values, process, and expectations for working together.

Before this meeting, please fill out our New Client Forms so we can serve you better.


Step 2: Data Gathering

In our next meeting, we will do a deep dive into your situation and discuss what’s important to you, as well as the specifics of your financial picture. As we listen and learn more about what you’re looking for, we will begin to discuss recommendations to bring you closer to your goals.


Step 3: Planning Sessions

In this phase, we will have multiple sessions to discuss your journey in even more detail, as well as the stops you’d like to make along the way. We will bring you into the process at every step so you can see how your decisions directly impact your results.

At the end of our planning sessions, we will aim to find the path that helps you reach all your stops.


Step 4: Ongoing Support

After your plan is implemented, we will continue to have regular meetings to help you stay informed and on track. You’ll also be able to reach out to us at any time if you have questions, need guidance, or need to adjust your plan so it better fits your needs.

We are here to assist you every step of the way in your journey.

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