Scott M. Kahan, CFP®, named the 2022 P. Kemp Fain, Jr., Award Winner – Denver (November 10, 2022) – The Financial Planning Association ® (FPA®)

The Financial Planning Association ® (FPA®) the leading membership organization and trade association for Certified Financial Planner professionals, is pleased to announce Scott M. Kahan, CFP®, as the recipient of the Association’s and profession’s highest individual award – the 2022 P. Kemp Fain, Jr., Award. – November 10, 2022

Yes, you can prepare for a recession – even if you're struggling to pay for rent, utilities and groceries. Follow these steps now.

By Emma Ockerman, MartketWatch- If you're stressed about finances, you're not alone. But there are small ways even low- to moderate-income people can protect themselves – October 25, 2022

AARP: 5 Tips to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime

By Karen Cheney, AARP, August 2, 2021 – How many more years are you going to live? It's not an idle question. Twenty-eight percent of Americans 50 and older underestimate their life expectancy by five years or more, according to a recent study by the Society of Actuaries. – August 2, 2021

Money Magazine: Coronavirus Relief Programs Are Ending Soon. Here's What to Know and How to Best Prepare

When the coronavirus outbreak started to hit Americans’ wallets earlier this year, lawmakers got busy. They gave out stimulus checks, offered special forbearance policies and even approved an extra $600 per week in unemployment benefits. – July 16, 2020

Associated Press: Financial Planner: Keep emotions out of investing

With stocks in correction, investors are looking at portfolio assets and wondering how they should react. One financial planner says to keep the emotions out of it. – March 2, 2020

Calming Thoughts about the Stock Market

Are you freaking out about your 401Ks about now? Even the most stoic among us must feel a touch distracted by the past week’s stock market performance. (Right?) What To Do’s unofficial resident financial planner and wealth manager, Scott Kahan, was kind enough to share with us a letter he sent to his 175 clients. And we thought we would pass it on to you… – February 27,2020

AARP: Money Management Myths Exposed

By Allan Roth, AARP, October 7,2019 – Money manager Allan Roth asked financial advisors for some bad ideas they often hear from clients and their best advice for better money management. – October 7, 2019

Foundation For Financial Planning Names New Chair, Welcomes Three New Trustees

WASHINGTON, D.C.: January 8, 2019 – The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, announced that Scott Kahan, CFP® has become Chair of its Board of Trustees and that it will welcome three new members to the board this year: William (Bill) Anderson, Chief Compliance Officer at American Funds by Capital Group; Kian Rafia, head of Advisor Solutions at Morningstar; and Anthony Svach, Managing Director at BlackRock.

Foundation For Financial Planning – January 8, 2019

Scott Kahan: How much volatility does Trump add to the market?

As I look back at your annual forecasts, I see the market is always worried about something. That’s because we’re hearing from people who are paid to worry. But the average person doesn’t need to, and in fact, shouldn’t concern themselves with the financial talking heads, the conflicting narratives and the walls of worry that emanate from Wall Street. – January 31, 2019

The Truth About 529 Plans Savings For College

When should you start saving for college? The day your child is born and you get a social security number. Considering the cost of a private college at sixty to seventy thousand dollars per year, the sooner you start the better. – October 16, 2018

Back To School & Your Finances

As September rolls around and school begins, no matter what age you are, it always feels like it is the beginning of a new year. It’s also a good time to review your finances and make any changes before the end of the year. Here are a few year-end things to consider: – August 29, 2018

Chappaqua's Kahan: Trump, Trade Wars & Your Portfolio

In our second-annual Mid-Year Investment Review, Chappaqua’s Scott Kahan talks about Trump, trade wars & your portfolio with What To Do, Scott is a Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp, in New York City and Chappaqua. – August 3, 2018

Scott Kahan's Financial Road Trip

When it comes to mapping out your financial future you don’t want to be singing, “Do you know the way to San Jose” on the street corner. Scott Kahan, Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in NYC and Chappaqua, told us “developing a financial plan is like mapping out a trip – the final destination and all the stops on the way.” – April 18,2018

Getting a Strong Start to 2018

It’s almost spring and now is the time to give your finances a “spring cleaning!" With the stock market sell off and continued volatility after record highs, interest rate increases, new tax laws and the ongoing uncertainty as to what is going on in Washington, now is the time to organize. Here are a few quick things to address to get started. – March 8, 2018

Bulls, Bears & Bitcoins

With US economic growth increasing and the S&P 500 at an all-time high what’s in store for investors in 2018? Last year, Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in Chappaqua and NYC, Scott Kahan told us there was reason for optimism and reason to curb your enthusiasm. Here’s what he told us this year. – January 19,2018

Asset TV – The Value of Financial Planning

Scott Kahan, President of Financial Asset Management Corporation, explains why his company prefers the holistic approach to financial planning and shares his opinion on the different fee models in the industry, including the reason why he switched to the retainer model. – December 12, 2017

Financial Planning Association Honors Financial Planners for Giving Back to the Profession, Public

Congrats to our very own Scott M. Kahan for being awarded the prestigious Heart of Financial Planning Award. The 2017 Heart of Financial Planning Award recognizes financial planning professionals, firms and organizations that demonstrate remarkable commitment and passion to contribute or give back to the financial planning community and/or public. Awardees embody the spirit of financial planning and represent FPA's Core Values of competence, integrity, relationships and stewardship. September 14, 2017

Back to College

It’s that time of year when summer draws to a close and your children are going back to or starting college for the first time. Often, families have figured out how to pay for the current year and put off planning how to pay for the next year. – August 30, 2017

Investing Mid-Year Review with Chappaqua’s Scott Kahan

Six months into the age of Trump, Russia-gate and celebrity Tweeting contests, there’s still investing to do. Here’s our mid-year investment gut-check with Scott Kahan, Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in Chappaqua and NYC. Scott talks about how to keep your emotions in check when investing in the age of Trump-onomics! – July, 18, 2017

Top 10 Financial Tidbits​​

1. Join your company’s retirement plan and try to contribute as much as you can. Make sure you are contributing enough funds to get the maximum matching contribution from your employer. 2. One of the greatest gifts you can give is to help pay the education costs for your grandchildren. – June 3, 2017

Getting a Strong Start to 2017

With the stock market hitting record highs, potential interest rate increases and the ongoing uncertainty as to what is going on in Washington, now is the time to organize. Here are a few quick things to address to get started. – March 5, 2017

How to make goals-based planning work for you

Goals-based planning has become all the rage in the world of financial planners and investment advisers. That’s a strategy where you identify your goals – a retirement home in Arizona and one in Paris – and then create a savings plan and investment portfolio to fund those dreams and aspirations. Review and revise those goals and portfolio on a regular basis and – voilà – happy ending. – February 23, 2017

Scott Kahan on Investing: Trump Boom or Gloom and Doom?

It wasn’t long ago that stock futures signaled a dramatic market decline in response to the electoral victory of Donald Trump as POTUS 45. Since then the market’s been pretty much straight up. Go figure? Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in Chappaqua and NYC, Scott Kahan talks about how to keep your emotions in check when investing as we enter the age of Trump-onomics! – January 27, 2017

Taking the Stress out of Money Management

As the average layperson might attest, financial planning can be quite the daunting task. You may feel so overwhelmed with all the other business associated with your child going to college, or facing that impending retirement, that perhaps you may simply forget the financial aspect until it’s too late. – October 21, 2016

Podcast – You're A Financial Planner; Now What?

Scott Kahan was recently interviewed about starting a financial planning practice by Hannah Moore from Guiding Wealth Mgt LLC. – September 22, 2016

What You Need To Know About College Financial Aid

If you think you’re stressed out about college now, wait until you try to figure out how to pay for it. You’ll be doing that earlier this year than ever before. Due to Obama administration changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) process students applying to college for 2017­-18 can file a FAFSA as early as Oct. 1, 2016, rather than on Jan. 1, 2017. – August 30, 2016

Paying for College 101

As a financial planner who has worked with many clients over the years figuring out how to pay for college, and as a parent who has sent two Greeley graduates to college, January 1st was never a date to look forward to. Just the uttering of the term FAFSA will send many parents into a panic. – August 23, 2016

A Mid-Year Review Can Pay Off At Year End

Today, many people find themselves inundated by a constant stream of financial news. Yet, does all this “information age” data really help you manage your finances any better than in the past? The truth often is that the “old-fashioned” practices, such as periodic financial reviews, lead to greater success in the long run. As the year reaches its midpoint, why not spend a few hours reviewing your finances? – June 3, 2016

Women and Finances

You get in your car knowing you left plenty of time to arrive at the restaurant for your eight o’clock dinner reservations. Somehow, on the way you manage to make a wrong turn and get lost. Assuming you don’t have a GPS, what do you do? The stereotypical answer, which is probably true more often than not, is that men will keep driving around hoping to find their way. Women, on the other hand, will stop and ask for directions. So when it comes to finances and financial planning, is it any different? – April 21, 2016

Markets have you Down?

It’s been a rough start for the equity markets in 2016. It’s hard not to panic and want to sell everything waiting for the markets to settle down. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a steady 4% return every year rather than all these ups and downs? – March 5, 2016

Foundation for Financial Planning Appoints Two Trustees

ATLANTA, February 2016—The Foundation for Financial Planning, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, has elected two new trustees to its Board of Trustees: Scott M. Kahan, CFP® founder and President managing member of the Financial Management Asset Corporation and Laura Tarbox, CFP® founder and President of the The Tarbox Group, Inc.

Foundation for Financial Planning – February 2016

Chappaqua's Scott Kahan: 2016 Investment Outlook.

With the recent volatility in the market we thought it would be a good time to chat with Scott Kahan of Financial Asset Management Corporation of Chappaqua to remind us how to take the emotions out of investing. If you need a little financial therapy or investment advice read on. – January 26, 2016

How to Pay for College

Paying for college can be very complicated, especially if families haven’t saved enough. With many private colleges now costing close to $60,000 per year, parents can expect to spend over $250,000 for a four year degree. State schools can cost as much as $25,000 per year, or higher for out-of-state residents. How do families pay for all this? – September 1, 2015

Scott Kahan: Taking the emotions out of investing.

Chappaqua resident Scott M. Kahan, Certified Financial Planner professional and President of New York City based Financial Asset Management Corp., recently opened a branch of his fee-only wealth management practice in Chappaqua. We sat down with him to discuss the importance of financial planning. Here’s what he had to say. – November 12, 2014

Getting divorced? Get organized first.

Divorces are usually difficult and emotional, but you can reduce that stress by being prepared and organized. Structure will keep you focused on the goal of getting a fair settlement with an equitable distribution of assets and liabilities. – Financial Advisor Playbook – March 9, 2014

Flat Fees vs. 1% Fees

When compensating your advisor, which is best for you: paying 1% of your assets under management (AUM) or a flat fee? Answer: the flat fee. The idea is to take the emphasis off of performance and more on overall planning services.

AdviceIQ – November 30, 2012

Post-Sandy Insurance

If you are one of the hundreds of people who lost homes and belongings due to Hurricane Sandy, you will need to be smart about filing your insurance claims. Here are some tips, which also apply to anyone who faces a natural disaster:

AdviceIQ – November 8, 2012

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