Financial Asset Management Corporation Turns 30

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Founded with the mission to guide and inspire clients to fulfill their lifetime financial goals, the team members of Financial Asset Management Corporation (FAM) celebrate their 30th anniversary of doing exactly that. In 1986, a great dedication to fiscal responsibility, meshed with a strong passion for serving others, resulted in a fundamental service that has led many individuals, families, and small businesses to prosperity.

FAM owes their enduring success to the strong values it was built on – service to clients, leadership, partnership, and passion. Over the past three decades, such core values have come to represent what is important to FAM, who the firm is as a team of professionals and what their level of commitment is to their clients, staff, and profession.

Thirty years ago Financial Asset Management Corporation made the commitment of always doing what is best for clients with integrity. Today, the firm is proud to stand by that commitment, consistently serving clients and providing nothing but the best services possible. While the individuals who make up the firm have experienced much progress and growth since their humble beginnings, FAM is still not part of a large corporation. Thus, the long-lasting and new relationships FAM has formed with their clients are of equal value to the firm, both treated with exceptional, personalized attention to provide a clearly guided, comprehensive map for each client’s journey.

FAM also recognizes the great responsibility the firm has always taken to set the right example for their peers and within the community. Each of the firm’s financial planners are congratulated for upholding such high professional standards. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professionals, they have provided clients with peace of mind knowing that FAM team members have adhered to education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements.

Not only has FAM worked hard to create and stay loyal to these successful client partnerships, but all members of the team have utilized their years of experience and success to reach out to form partnerships within the community as well. President and Senior Financial Planner of FAM, Scott Kahan, actively serves as the Foundation for Financial Planning’s local ambassador and as a Trustee on its Board of Directors. The Foundation grants to non-profit organizations for pro bono financial advice and community outreach activities. That being said, both FAM and the Foundation share the ideal that being financially secure allows one the freedom and the desire to give more abundantly.

Of course, FAM would not be able to commemorate their 30th anniversary if it weren’t for passion – the spark that ignited the firm’s beginnings and carried it throughout the years. The passion each of FAM’s team members has for financial planning inspires the firm to work as a team and to strive for excellence in everything they do. The positive energy and ambition of the team has become a contagious energy for all those the firm works with and has allowed a thriving passion to be put to significant use.

While reaching thirty years of active and successful service is a milestone for Financial Asset Management Corporation, the members of the firm still carry the same drive to provide nothing but the best quality for clients and will continue to make their best interests the highest priority. FAM’s service, leadership, partnership, and passion is what has fueled success, and the team is grateful for its goal-seeking clients that have trusted FAM in planning today, securing tomorrow.

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