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When money for retirement, college funds, a new home, etc., it’s a good idea to seek the expertise of a trusted financial planner. Of course, the focus on the surface is money – defining its value, and mapping out a plan to save, invest, and spend it. In the grand scheme of things, that money is the promise of a bright future. Therefore, take into consideration not only the knowledge and proficiency of a financial planner, but also the personal time and care the financial planner is willing to provide.

At Financial Asset Management Corporation, we take every step possible to deliver on that future, for our clients as well as for the community as a whole. For that reason, our devoted President and Senior Financial Planner Scott Kahan is currently working with the Foundation for Financial Planning as a local ambassador.

The Foundation for Financial Planning awards grants to non-profit organizations for pro bono financial advice and community outreach activities. Presently in its 20th year of connecting those in need with those willing to provide financial planning, the Foundation has established impact, formed partnerships, and worked tirelessly to make pro bono financial planning accessible to the underserved.

With the assistance of over 13,000 pro bono financial services volunteers, the Foundation has reached out to more than 350,000 people and has provided over $5.7 million in grants to local community based organizations who work with active military, veterans, domestic abuse survivors, first time homeowners, and others who need financial direction.

Over the course of the past 20 years the Foundation has assembled an allowance of $20 million with the help of over 14,000 industry professionals and corporations; however, the Foundation doesn’t plan to stop there. Its goal over the next five years is to increase that allowance to $25 million so that up to $1 million a year in grants can be awarded to nonprofits every year.

As ambassador, our very own Scott Kahan plans to help the Foundation reach its goals. He is already working actively not only to raise money, but also to raise awareness. He and the Foundation strongly believe that financial security is something that should be accessible to everyone, and that financial planning professionals should recognize that.

They also share the ideal that feeling financially secure allows one the freedom and the desire to give more abundantly. Therefore, one of the roles Scott takes on as ambassador is providing unwavering support and increasing a base of financially secure clients, thus increasing the opportunity to “pay it forward.” In turn, the recipients of this giving back to the community offer the best form of promotion – word of mouth and firsthand experience.

With the positive momentum Scott Kahan has developed and connected between the recipients of grant awards and the corporations and industry professionals, it is refreshing to see the results of his passion put to such practical and relevant use.

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