Scott Kahan: How much volatility does Trump add to the market?

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In our fourth annual Investment Forecast from Scott Kahan we discuss Trump, China, Fed Chairman Powell and why we’re in a better place after all that ugly business last year. Scott is a Certified Financial Planner, and President of Chappaqua’s Financial Asset Management Corp.

As I look back at your annual forecasts, I see the market is always worried about something.

That’s because we’re hearing from people who are paid to worry. But the average person doesn't’t need to, and in fact, shouldn't’t concern themselves with the financial talking heads, the conflicting narratives and the walls of worry that emanate from Wall Street.

Our mantra is that financial planning takes the emotions out of investing. The main elements of the plans we develop with our clients are 1) we know where we’re going – what we’re investing for and when we will need that money 2) we allocate equities and fixed income securities within our portfolios to match our goals 3) we rebalance our portfolios when either stocks or bonds become too heavily weighted within them.

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