A Look at Women Approaching Business

In today’s corporate climate, women are becoming integral to future success, and are assuming leadership roles in a host of industries. Women possess the characteristics to serve as exceptional leaders, and are being appointed to positions of power more often. More women are owning and leading companies than ever before, and as a whole, the benefits of women in leadership roles cannot be denied. It is not to say that one gender is better than another at leading, men and women are scientifically different and that does show in the area of business and how they approach it.

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Passion Meets Purpose

When money for retirement, college funds, a new home, etc., it’s a good idea to seek the expertise of a trusted financial planner. Of course, the focus on the surface is money – defining its value, and mapping out a plan to save, invest, and spend it. In the grand scheme of things, that money is the promise of a bright future. Therefore, take into consideration not only the knowledge and proficiency of a financial planner, but also the personal time and care the financial planner is willing to provide.

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Why Using A CFP® Can Help Your Financial Outlook

The concept of retirement is a young ideal in the history of mankind. Throughout most of human history, people continued working or remained with their family as they aged. It wasn't that long ago that the Golden Years of life were characterized by part-time jobs and taking up residence with grown children. If you want to maintain your independence and enjoy your Golden Years, responsible financial planning is a must.

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How to Create Financial Goals

Everyone should have financial goals to ensure that their money is spent wisely now, and invested wisely for the future as well. Setting financial goals is, generally speaking, a generic practice, with basic principles that are applicable across demographic boundaries. The following tips will help anyone establish solid financial goals.

Establish SMART Goals

You should, of course, be smart when setting any financial goal. In this case, however, smart doesn't mean wise, but instead stands for:

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4 Tips for Creating a Budget

The vast majority of individuals go through life without paying much attention to the flow of their finances. Most people know how much they make and ensure that their bills are paid, but how do you look at your budget? Do you know how much you spend on certain activities, such as entertainment, groceries, and gas? When you create a budget, it becomes significantly easier to track your spending and get ahead on your finances. In this post, you'll find four tips to help create a budget.

Identify Your Spending Habits

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3 Signs You Need A Financial Planner

Some people just love handling their finances. The Wall Street Journal and Barrons are their favorite bedside reading, and they wouldn't dream of turning in for the night without one last glance at how the stock market finished the day.

Then there are the rest of us - the people with busy lives and more interesting things to do. If you earn a good living and hope to retire in style some day, you need to invest your money wisely and plan for the future, but that does not mean you need to do all the planning.

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The Benefits of Financial Planning

As a child, if you ever went on a road trip with your family, you may remember your parents buying a map and plotting out a route to reach your destination. When you think about reaching your financial goals, remember that your journey to accomplish your goals is much like the road trip as a child. The roadmap for your finances, a well-defined financial plan, is essential to reaching your destination successfully.


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Financial Asset Management Corporation Offers New Communication Tools

At Financial Asset Management Corporation (FAM), we understand that with the evolution of the Internet and social media, the way our clients consume information and communicate is changing. To accommodate your preferred methods of communication and research, we are excited to present new business tools to service and provide valuable information to our clients and friends.

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