Bulls, Bears & Bitcoins

With US economic growth increasing and the S&P 500 at an all-time high what’s in store for investors in 2018? Last year, Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in Chappaqua and NYC, Scott Kahan told us there was reason for optimism and reason to curb your enthusiasm. Here’s what he told us this year.

What inning are we in on this long economic expansion?  

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Trump Boom or Gloom and Doom?

It wasn’t long ago that stock futures signaled a dramatic market decline in response to the electoral victory of Donald Trump as POTUS 45. Since then the market’s been pretty much straight up. Go figure? Certified Financial Planner and President of Financial Asset Management Corp. in Chappaqua and NYC, Scott Kahan talks about how to keep your emotions in check when investing as we enter the age of Trump-onomics!

How do you explain the Trump rally?

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Financial Asset Management Corporation Turns 30

Founded with the mission to guide and inspire clients to fulfill their lifetime financial goals, the team members of Financial Asset Management Corporation (FAM) celebrate their 30th anniversary of doing exactly that. In 1986, a great dedication to fiscal responsibility, meshed with a strong passion for serving others, resulted in a fundamental service that has led many individuals, families, and small businesses to prosperity.

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Scott M. Kahan, President of Financial Asset Management Corp Featured In WHAT TO DO!

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Scott Kahan has been featured in the latest edition of WHAT TO DO, YOUR GUIDE TO LIVING WELL IN ARMONK, BEDFORD AND CHAPPAQUA.

In the article, "Scott Kahan: Panic is not investing", Scott answers questions many of us may have had after the latest market volatility and adds some advice for us all as well.

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Scott Kahan CFP® Featured In Inside Chappaqua

Scott M. Kahan, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and President of Chappaqua’s Financial Asset Management Corporation, offers suggestions for getting one’s financial planning under control and making the whole college process a little less stressful. Scott explains ways to relive the burden of paying for college as a student or parent of a student in his featured article, "How to Pay For College".

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Financial Asset Management Corporation Offers New Communication Tools

At Financial Asset Management Corporation (FAM), we understand that with the evolution of the Internet and social media, the way our clients consume information and communicate is changing. To accommodate your preferred methods of communication and research, we are excited to present new business tools to service and provide valuable information to our clients and friends.

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